1:1 Consulting

1:1 consulting offers a deeply personalised approach, providing tailored strategies and expert guidance to elevate your business and personal growth.
1:1 Consulting

Improved mental health leads to a happier life.

  • Receive customised, in-depth guidance on implementing the Pumpkin Plan method for your unique business needs.
  • Tailor your approach to attracting and keeping clients with personalised, focused consulting.”
  • Define and refine your business’s vision, mission, and purpose in dedicated one-on-one sessions.
  • Get bespoke advice on systemising operations and scaling your business in a personalised setting.

Delivering an Unparalleled Learning Experience in Personal and Professional Growth

Tailored Consulting Options: Full Suite or Specialised Growth Sprints

From $12,997
Full Full Works

1:1 Personalised Consulting on the full Pumpkin Plan Method

Dive deep into the Pumpkin Plan method with personalised, individual consulting sessions, designed to revolutionise your business approach.


This is 10 Modules – all 3 Growth Sprints

From $4997
Growth Sprint #1

Attract and Keep More Clients

Enhance your client attraction and retention strategies with personalised guidance in our focused one-on-one Growth Sprint consulting.

From $4997
Growth Sprint #2

Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Craft a compelling business vision, mission, and purpose with our specialised one-on-one Growth Sprint consulting sessions.

From $4997
Growth Sprint #3

Systemise and Scale

Receive bespoke advice on streamlining operations and scaling your business in our focused one-on-one Systemise and Scale Growth Sprint.

Our Immutable Laws

Heartfelt Kindness Always: In every interaction, whether with clients or colleagues, leading with genuine kindness and understanding is my compass. Unwavering Commitment to the Cause: My dedication to my clients' success is relentless, fuelled by a deep commitment to seeing them thrive in both their professional and personal lives. Creative Problem-Solving with a Smile: Tackling challenges with a blend of innovative thinking and a touch of humour, ensuring solutions are not just effective but also enjoyable. Inclusivity with a Personal Touch: Making sure everyone feels seen and heard, creating a welcoming space where all can thrive without feeling left out. Work to Live, Not Live to Work: Championing a balance where our work enriches our lives, rather than consuming them. Prioritising well-being and joy both in and out of the workplace.


I'm Trudi McMullen

Balance and Bloom Consulting is my heartfelt creation. It’s a blend of my passion and over 20 years of experience, dedicated to guiding service-based businesses towards both professional growth and personal happiness