Group Consulting

Group consulting fosters a collaborative learning environment, where shared experiences and insights lead to collective growth and enhanced business strategies.
Group Consulting

Improved mental health leads to a happier life.

  • Explore the Pumpkin Plan method in a collaborative group setting, enhancing your business strategy with peer insights.
  • Master client attraction and retention in a dynamic group environment with our Growth Sprint focus.
  • Develop a unified vision, mission, and purpose through interactive group sessions.
  • Learn effective strategies for systemising and scaling your business alongside like-minded professionals.

Fostering an Exceptional Group Learning Journey in Personal and Professional Development

Group Consulting Varieties: Comprehensive Suite or Targeted Growth Sprints

From $12,997
Full Full Works

Group Consulting on the entire Pumpkin Plan Method

Collaborate and grow with peers in our group consulting sessions, exploring the comprehensive Pumpkin Plan method together.

This is 10 Modules – all 3 Growth Sprints

From $4997
Growth Sprint #1

Attract and Keep More Clients

Join a dynamic group setting to collectively master the art of attracting and retaining clients, leveraging the Growth Sprint framework.

From $4997
Growth Sprint #2

Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Develop a shared understanding of your business’s vision, mission, and purpose in our interactive group Growth Sprint sessions.

From $4997
Growth Sprint #3

Systemise and Scale

Learn and grow with peers as you explore strategies to systemise operations and scale your business in a collaborative group environment.


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