In a world of endless business choices, Balance and Bloom Consulting is here to guide you towards the right path for both professional growth and personal well-being.
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Embrace the Strength to Succeed in Business and Life

At Balance and Bloom, we believe mental resilience is key to achieving success. Our services are designed to strengthen your mindset, empowering you to excel in both your professional and personal life. Through our expert guidance, you’ll discover effective strategies to navigate challenges and thrive in every aspect of your journey.

Empower Your World, One Balanced Step at a Time.

Discover the Path to Business Success and Personal Harmony

1:1 Consulting
1:1 consulting offers a deeply personalised approach, providing tailored strategies and expert guidance to elevate your business and personal growth.
Group Consulting
Group consulting fosters a collaborative learning environment, where shared experiences and insights lead to collective growth and enhanced business strategies.
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Not only will I help you with your issues but I’ll always do it in a way that makes things fun.

With over two decades of experience in business development and marketing, our depth of knowledge ensures you receive industry-leading insights and strategies.

We understand the unique challenges you face. Our approach is rooted in empathy, offering supportive guidance to navigate both professional and personal hurdles.

Every client is unique, and so is our coaching. We tailor our strategies to align perfectly with your specific goals and aspirations.

We’re not just consultants; we’re your accountability partners. Our motivation techniques are designed to keep you on track, ensuring you achieve your desired outcomes.


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Balance and Bloom Consulting is dedicated to serving a diverse range of service-based business owners, extending beyond our core focus on Marketing Professionals, Online Business Managers, and Virtual Assistants.

Our offerings include individualised coaching, where we craft bespoke strategies for business growth and personal well-being.

We also conduct strategy development sessions to help streamline business operations, improve productivity, and foster a healthier work-life balance.

Utilising the innovative Pumpkin Plan method, we ensure our clients achieve a harmonious blend of professional success and personal contentment.

Furthermore, our workshops and training sessions are designed to equip various service-based business professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their roles, all while maintaining a balanced, burnout-free lifestyle.

Balance and Bloom Consulting is ideally positioned to benefit a broad range of service-based business owners.

While we have a strong focus on Marketing Professionals, Online Business Managers, and Virtual Assistants, our consultancy is equally beneficial for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals in various service sectors seeking sustainable growth and balance.

Our expertise is particularly valuable for those who are looking to scale their businesses without falling into the trap of burnout. We offer tailored strategies and coaching that resonate with the unique challenges faced in the service based industry, helping business owners not only to flourish in their professional endeavours but also to enjoy a fulfilling personal life.

Whether you're seeking to optimise your business processes, enhance client relationships, or find a healthier work-life integration, our consultancy provides the tools and support to achieve these goals.

Our approach to preventing burnout revolves around a comprehensive, client-centred strategy.

We begin by deeply understanding each client's unique business and personal challenges. Our methods include personalised coaching sessions, where we address specific stressors and identify areas for improvement in work-life balance.

We employ the Pumpkin Plan method to streamline business processes, making them more efficient and less overwhelming.

Additionally, we focus on setting realistic goals and boundaries, teaching time management skills, and promoting self-care practices. By equipping our clients with these tools and strategies, we help them build sustainable business practices that foster both professional success and personal well-being, effectively mitigating the risk of burnout.

The Pumpkin Plan method, developed by Mike Michalowicz, is a business strategy focused on identifying and nurturing the most promising areas of your business, much like a farmer would cultivate a prize-winning pumpkin.

At Balance and Bloom Consulting, we use this method to help clients focus on their most profitable clients and services, eliminate inefficiencies, and streamline their operations. This involves a thorough analysis of your business to identify what works best, followed by concentrating resources and efforts on these areas to grow them effectively.

The Pumpkin Plan also involves cutting off aspects of the business that drain time and resources without providing sufficient returns. Through this method, we guide our clients towards sustainable growth and help them avoid overextension, a common cause of burnout in the business world.

Balance and Bloom Consulting stands out from other business consultancies through its unique approach that deeply integrates personal well-being with professional success.

Unlike many consultancies that focus solely on business growth and financial metrics, Balance and Bloom places equal emphasis on preventing burnout and fostering a fulfilling personal life.

This holistic approach is rooted in the understanding that true success encompasses both career achievements and personal happiness. We employ strategies like the Pumpkin Plan method, not just for business efficiency, but also to create a sustainable work-life balance. This dual focus on professional and personal enrichment is what sets Balance and Bloom Consulting apart.

Absolutely, it is entirely possible to balance a successful business with a fulfilling personal life. I am living proof of this balance.

At Balance and Bloom Consulting, we have guided numerous clients to achieve this equilibrium. Our strategy involves streamlining business processes, setting realistic goals, and honing time management skills, all while emphasising the importance of self-care and personal time.

Clients often report not just improved business metrics, but also a significant increase in personal happiness and reduced stress. This balance is a key goal we aim for with each client, and it's a reality that can be achieved.

When working with Balance and Bloom Consulting, the results clients experience are significantly influenced by their own commitment and involvement.

While clients can expect professional growth, enhanced efficiency, and improved work-life balance, it's important to emphasise that these outcomes are greatly enhanced by their active participation and willingness to implement new strategies.

The more effort and dedication a client puts into the process, the more profound and lasting the transformation will be, both in their business and personal life. This partnership approach ensures that clients not only receive expert guidance but also learn to foster sustainable changes that continue to benefit them long-term.

To get started with Balance and Bloom Consulting, follow these steps:

  1. Initial Inquiry: Contact us through our website, email, or book now buttons that you'll find throughout our website to express your interest. We’ll schedule a preliminary conversation to understand your needs and goals.

  2. Discovery Session: Participate in a free discovery session where we dive deeper into your business and personal objectives. This helps us tailor our approach to your specific situation.

  3. Proposal and Plan: Based on our discovery session, we’ll provide a detailed proposal outlining how we can work together, including the scope of work and timelines.

  4. Onboarding: Once you decide to proceed, we'll guide you through an onboarding process to kick-start our partnership.

  5. Commencement of Services: With everything set, we'll begin our consultancy program, embarking on the journey towards your business growth and personal well-being.

Feel free to reach out and take the first step towards a balanced and thriving business life.

Our approach to helping businesses grow is centred around a holistic and sustainable model.

We focus on identifying and nurturing the key aspects of your business that show the most promise, akin to the principles of the Pumpkin Plan method.

This involves a deep dive into understanding your unique business strengths and leveraging them for maximum impact.

We also prioritise the well-being of the business owner, ensuring that growth strategies align with personal values and life goals. This balanced approach ensures not only the financial success of your business but also your personal fulfillment and avoidance of burnout.

The duration of consultancy programs at Balance and Bloom Consulting is tailored to each client's unique needs and goals.

While program lengths vary, ranging from a few months to over a year, we find that the most substantial results are typically observed after a minimum commitment of six months. This period allows for a thorough initial assessment, followed by regular coaching, strategy development, and progress reviews.

Our flexible approach, focused on both business objectives and personal well-being, ensures that clients receive the dedicated attention and custom strategies necessary for meaningful and lasting change.


I'm Trudi McMullen

Balance and Bloom Consulting is my heartfelt creation. It’s a blend of my passion and over 20 years of experience, dedicated to guiding service-based businesses towards both professional growth and personal happiness